Mr & Mrs is a London-based animation and motion design studio that does, well… animation and motion design.

Some call it animation, others motion graphics or moving image; whatever you call it, it’s about bringing characters and stories to life.

Mr & Mrs was born in 2005. Back then we were then called Mr & Mrs Smith, but we got fed up telling people we couldn’t help them find a bijou hotel, so we’ve shortened it and now look forward to fielding calls from celibate hopefuls looking for love…

For clients big and small, we’ve made title sequences, stings & idents, music promos & ads, TV commercials, information films, and recently, a stereoscopic 3D character-based sequence for A Liar’s Autobiography.

Mr & Mrs is home to some very clever and talented individuals (all chosen for their personal eccentricities as well as their talents) that can turn their hand to just about anything and are encouraged to push their creative thinking as far as possible with each new project – explore the odd, embrace the weird. Be it character design, 2D/3D, stopframe and claymation, green screen and live action, what all our folk have in common is the ability to be given a project, think about it, design, illustrate it & make things for it, then storyboard, direct and animate it; and it goes without saying that this all happens on schedule and on budget thanks to our producer, who cracks her whip most efficiently.

We try to listen to our instinct because if we find something intriguing, exciting and memorable, the likelihood is that our clients and their audiences will too.


Nina Pfeifenberger

Nina was born and raised in a very traditional part of southern Germany. Following her degree in animation she swapped Bavarian Weissbier for English ale by moving to London. Fascinated by the creative energy and variety of the city she’s been happily working and living here since 2009. Nina loves everything handmade, and experimenting with all kinds of materials and animation techniques, especially stopframe animation. She also enjoys telling stories about lost dogs and racing salads. Her shortfilms have been screened at numerous film festivals, including London International Animation Festival, Encounters Festival and New York International Children’s Film Festival.


Faye Curtis

Faye’s a Mr & Mrs veteran, here since the early days. She believes you can find inspiration anywhere, but particularly loves nature and the outdoors. When Faye was a kid she loved to draw things and make up stories, and funnily enough that’s what she still does now – she creates artwork and storyboards, working to communicate stories and messages through her designs. Faye does love to design and says Mr & Mrs makes her happy, because it’s a jolly company, with emphasis on engaging, fun and quirky work. Tweet her @snorkmaiden20


Freddie Hottinger

An overactive imagination can be a curse, but like most illustrators, Freddie drew a lot as a child. He also acted out films using toys, as a precursor to animating. Visually, he takes inspiration from classic animation and the vibrantly coloured ads & animations of the late 1950s; leading to his obsession with the 50s, and its culture of diners and drinking milkshakes from tall glasses. On another note, Freddie’s fond of with wearing bizarrely patterned cardigans, collecting more books than can possibly fit into a tiny wardrobe, and finds that staring at Navajo patterns for a long time reveals hidden faces and stories, like a long lost tapestry (though these stories often revolve around dinosaurs and aliens fighting for the last milkshake in the world).

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